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Translation has always been a passion. After having finished my bachelors in Languages and Marketing, I strengthened my translating skills through my various clients and experience. I can translate all kinds of documents in English and French. I take the quality of my translation, very seriously: to do so, I stay clear of literal translations and try to make the text comprehensive, but mainly a pleasant read.
My knowledge-based sectors: Marketing, Communication, Law, Finance and Literature.
I work with companies, communication and translating agencies but also publishing houses.

Here is some of my published work:

Rates :

Source language    Target Language    EUR/mot
English French 0.09 €
French English 0.09 €
Hindi English 0.10 €


I offer 2 types of services in this area:

Liaison interpreting:
Interview in English, negotiations in small groups, conferences, debates or discussions in French and English.

Simultaneous interpreting:
This task usually takes place in a soundproof room, where I hear what my interlocutor is saying through a headset and I simultaneously translate via a mic. The auditors hear through a headset as well.

Rates :

Source language    Target Language    EUR/hour
English French 80 €
French English 80 €
Hindi English 80 €

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