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French-English Translation Agency

Why should you get your documents translated at our Translation Agency?

We translate all sorts of documents into English and French. The quality of our translations is our priority: no literal translation but a detailed translation to make the text as understandable as possible and most of all: pleasant to read.

Translating content is an essential step for exporting abroad. But it requires a thorough understanding on the matter and the issues. The expertise of our translators in finance, marketing and legal sectors allows us to carry out relevant and meaningful work.

Translation is our core business; we work with communication agencies as well as companies and publishing houses.

English French translation is a major asset for conquering the American and British markets, but also the rest of the world.

Our translation rates

Source language

Target language EUR/word


French 0.09 € H.T.


English 0.09 € H.T.


English 0.10 € H.T.

Here are some of our published works:

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