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Natural referencing of websites
in English and French

Do you have a website, and you want to optimize its natural referencing in English to reach an English-speaking clientele or expand internationally?

We can make suggestions and position your website by implementing an effective SEO strategy, adapted to your target and your professional activity. In collaboration with Emmanuelle Normanni SEO expert, we pool in our skills together. Together, we shall come up with a relevant and efficient keyword strategy and ensure that you appear in the initial results of search engines such as Google. Our objectives will be to make you more visible on the web, to increase the number of English-speaking visitors, to develop your turnover and quite simply meet your expectations.

What does SEO or natural referencing mean? 

SEO means “Search Engine Optimizations” This term defines all the techniques implemented to improve the positioning of a website on the search engine results pages (SERP). It is also known as natural referencing. The objective of our expertise in natural referencing is to improve the visibility of your website and we handle this by making it gain places on search engines such as Google. A website is considered well optimized or referenced if it is in the initial positions of a search engine while typing the desired keywords.

Our SEO services

We have been collaborating for several years with an expert in natural referencing.

Our knowledge of the English language and their expertise in natural referencing, allows us to analyze the market of our customers and to set up an effective strategy to target English-speaking Internet users and position them in the 1st results of search engines such as Google.

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