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French-English Interpretation Agency

Why use face-to-face or video interpreters?

Without the right tools to communicate, we miss out on many opportunities. This is especially true for events and meetings that are challenging.

Thanks to our English interpreters, you can forget about any stress related to languages and focus on your message, as we at TPA Optimal Translation guarantee that it will be transmitted as faithfully as possible. Our qualified team will carry your voice beyond borders.

Based in Paris, our team of English interpreters remain at your disposal for your events throughout France and Europe: meetings, general assemblies, European works councils, conventions, scientific conferences…).

Our interpreting rates

Source language

Target language EUR/hour


French 80 € H.T.*


English 80 € H.T.*


English 80 € H.T.*
* Travel cost in addition, quote on request.

What kind of interpreting Optimal Translation offers?

Liaison interpretation

Liaison interpreting consists in ensuring the verbal translation of a meeting or an interview in small groups. The role of our interpreter is to ensure that everyone understands through brief oral translations. .

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpreting is quite different from liaison interpreting. This is a full translation of the conversation, it is more accurate, complex, and complete.

Whispered interpretation

Whispered interpretation is mainly used in the context of instant translation while whispering in the ear of the client during an official visit or a negotiation. It allows the two parties to understand each other well, without interrupting exchanges.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the most suitable solution for meetings and conferences. Communication is smoother since the speaker does not have to interrupt the speech. The interpreter directly translates what he hears and transmits it to the audience. Participants wear headsets and the interpreter reproduces the speaker’s words in the target language as quickly as possible, while the interlocutor is speaking.
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