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What is web writing?

Since many years now, the digital world has got the upper hand on traditional writing. For every editorial, one needs to take SEO keywords (Search engine optimization) into account. These keywords help classify articles or contents and put them right at the top, while searching on the Internet.  

One needs to be extra careful to make sure that these SEO optimizations don’t make our article or content, difficult to read. The editorial needs to be a pleasant read, while respecting the keywords.  

What is a good editorial?

A good editorial needs to target the right public and be smooth. The content has to be catchy, trigger emotions within the reader. It’s all the more important to use “meta-descriptions’, which arouse curiosity. Carrying out a proper research on one’s topic is important and of course avoiding plagiarism. The information has got to be useful, don’t just fill up the page, to achieve the number of words which has been requested by the client. Don’t forget that even if your article doesn’t appeal to everyone, it needs to seduce the majority.  

Would you like a quote?

Due to my experience as a writer since 5 years with several companies such as Parc Asterix, UALOG, Global Exam, Digital Content Expert, Magamo, I have managed to adapt to every client and their requirements. 

I feel it’s exceptionally important to understand the requirements and targeted audience of my clients, not to mention, carry out a writing test before beginning a long-term collaboration. 

Don’t hesitate reading one of my editorials in French or English and getting in touch for a quote 😊 Looking forward to our collaboration!  

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