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WORKPLACE MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE Your workplace is usually where you spend most of your time during the week. Enjoying and working should go hand in hand. It’s important to take on some healthy habits, as not only will you feel boosted but you’ll also promote work motivation. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a professional trip, in a meeting with clients, brainstorming with your team…Follow these 5 tips to enjoy work.

Get refreshing sleep and enough rest It’s extremely important to recharge your batteries, especially when you’ve used up all your energy at work and are left with nothing but tensions. It’s important when you come back home, you leave your work behind and try to take it easy This will help you better prepare for the next day. Spend time with your family and talk about anything but work. Take a bubble bath, read your favorite book or catch up with your favorite sitcom on TV. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you feel relaxed.

Create a positive environment at work Work motivation plays an important role. Whether you’re working as a team or alone, it’s important to work in a pleasant atmosphere. Employee motivation is key and to do so, you need to get moving. This also goes for Freelancers. Contacts are important, so don’t hesitate joining a Freelancing community and meeting people from all sorts of sectors. This will help you enjoy the work environment even more. Exchange and create a pleasant and positive environment. This is what will create motivation in the workplace.

Eat healthy and give yourself a boost You must have heard this often, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Opt for healthy eating habits, so that you feel revitalized and ready to attack your day. Don’t drink too much coffee as it’ll only stress you out and make you seem more nervous than you actually are. Eat small meals and when you snack, favour fruits or almonds and don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Show appreciation when colleagues want to help you If your colleagues want to help you, don’t dismiss this just because you’re stressed. Appreciate the fact that they are here for you and even if you don’t need their help, try to come up with diplomatic responses like: “Oh Gina, I know you already have a lot on your plate but thanks for asking” etc. This creates team motivation.

Make it a point to get up once in a while It so happens that work takes up all our attention and it’s unhealthy to just sit in your chair or carry on brainstorming for hours, even though it’s not getting you anywhere. If you were to get up once in a while, you would be much more efficient and come up with more clear-sighted ideas. You need to take a break every 45 to 60 minutes. During the break, move around and do some stretching if possible. Follow these tips to try and preserve a better lifestyle at work.

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